The Story

Hi, I’m Garlon Garth—creator of Different Ways, Better Health. For the past couple of decades, I’ve had an ever-increasing passion for the mind, body and soul connection. Learning what the human body and consciousness can do when really put to the test has always fascinated me. It’s taken me down many paths such as, traditional weight lifting, CrossFit, Strong Man, martial arts, bodybuilding, aerobics, and methodologies like nutrition, meditation, scientific applications and holistic/natural practices. My interests have been vast and varied, and they’ve all been extremely instrumental in helping me understand that connection more. Not only that, but how to consistently harness and/or optimize its potential.

As my journey unfolded, my desire to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone, to help them see and feel their own inner strength and beauty, to not succumb to labels or statistics, increased greatly. In short, that is why I started Different Ways, Better Health. Born from a desire to share all of this with you, to assist you in your journey of discovery and empowerment. While at the same time, continuing the expansion of my journey as well, so that I can in turn, continue to offer and share more of that connection.

The Mission

To assist people with aligning to healthier, more integrated versions of their selves, by inspiring them to harness greater depths of their own potential. And empowering them with the knowledge and experience, to close the gap from where they are, to where they’d like to be.

The Approach

Different Ways, Better Health puts the focus on being functionally fit, and integrates multiple methodologies to achieve desired results. It understands that achieving a state of wellness is an individual matter, and that it extends beyond just being fit in the gym.